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a place to create and connect

for people with dementia and their carers

About us

The purpose of The Studio is to enrich the lives of people with dementia and similar cognitive problems. We do this by providing the time, space and support for individuals with a dementia diagnosis to express themselves, enjoy new experiences, practise skills

– and have fun.

'I thought an art-based therapy would not suit him, but we came to the taster day and had such a nice time… I realised that it was sort of tailor made to the person and what they like'.

Barbara Connelly, February, 2020

We offer a varied programme of individual and group activities led by professional facilitators. The Studio is ‘a place to create and connect’, where people can try out new skills or practise familiar leisure activities. 

Carers may come along, if they wish, or take time out from caring, confident that the person with dementia is enjoying excellent care in a stimulating environment.

'I was amazed to see how my wife came alive when staff supported her to bake a cake.'


The Studio’s model has been developed using community consultation and based on evidence from research.  

Our ethos is person-centred, and our aim is to enrich the lives of people with dementia and similar cognitive difficulties.


'Since David started at The Studio his Fridays are something he really looks forward to and he gets a buzz from the stimulating content of the day... To see David happy and contented in an environment that he feels comfortable in helps not only his wellbeing but the rest of the family who love him'.

Yvonne, October 2019

The Studio’s approach is informed by the latest research, and in keeping with guidance on the care of people with dementia from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE, June 2019). NICE recommends activities such as exercise, art, gardening, baking, music, conversation and animal assisted therapy to help promote wellbeing in dementia. 
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