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Arts in Dementia Care

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

The purpose of The Studio is to enrich the lives of people with dementia and similar cognitive problems. The Studio is a place to create and connect, where we have provision for music-making and singing, exercise and dance, theatre and all forms of visual and plastic arts.

Our approach is championed by Arts 4 Dementia, a pioneering organisation whose goal is to 'establish widespread, continuing access to artistic stimulation that will enable people with dementia to live more fulfilled, active lives for longer at home and in the community.'

Arts 4 Dementia holds monthly webinars, the most recent of which was on the topic of arts and social prescribing in dementia care. The recording and transcript from the event can be found here. Social prescribing connects people to opportunities and interests in the community which can preserve their sense of identity, purpose and joy.

This is in line with our approach at The Studio, where we provide the time, space and support for individuals with a dementia diagnosis to express themselves, enjoy new experiences, practise skills and have fun.

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